‘One of the highlights of my wedding is Leila’s performance! Thank you for coming!’

‘Leila Bishop is a total professional and a great talent. She filled my event with great and joyful music.’

‘Leila and her violinist did an amazing job at our wedding! Not only was the music great, but all of my interactions with Leila were excellent – she did a great job recommending songs to play, and she was also able to learn a new song and played it perfectly. Thank you!’

‘Encore performance! Hiring Miss Bishop to play the harp at my outdoor wedding was an excellent choice and a beautiful musical addition to our wedding. She was very professional in all of her communication and the planning of the music selections. I hired her on short notice, but she was able to deliver. One of the songs I wanted her to play worked best with a violinist, and she was able to find a violinist to play along with her for a slight increase in price. They arrived timely to our location in Central Park and were set up and ready to play the classical music selections I requested. Miss Bishop was a pleasure to work with. The harpist and violinist were a wonderful addition to our wedding. It was my pleasure to hire a young professional such as Miss Bishop, and I highly recommend this budding music aficionado!’